HelloFresh Coconut Dal Review!

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about the Coconut Dal with Roasted Butternut Squash, Warm Flatbreads, and Crispy Onions from HelloFresh! This particular recipe has to be eaten within 2 days of getting the box, so that meant 2 days of recipes in a row! I’m usually not a big fan of Indian Food, and am bit of a baby when it comes to spice, but the beauty of HelloFresh is you can just leave out the spicy peppers (which I did) and just have the flavors of the curry coming through.


The first step was to chop up half of the butternut squash, which made me really happy because I’ve been looking for a butternut squash in the grocery stores since we got here. This means that I can use the other half of the squash to make a super simple, super delicious soup. Maybe for dinner tomorrow 🙂 I had a tough time chopping through the squash, so it took me longer than it should have, but it worked out eventually and I was able to pop it into the oven with olive oil and curry powder on the very gross baking tray.  FYI, I roasted these for about 40 minutes instead of the time suggested.


The next step was moreeeee chopping! Like yesterday, I used the onion in the freezer for 15 minutes trick first, which prevented lots of tears. More coriander, and more tomatoes which were chopping in 2cm chunks which was kinda crazy because we’ve pretty much only had 1cm chunks up to this point!! I also like the colors of the Italian flag created here.


Next was putting all of the coconut milk, curry, tomatoes, and lentils together to make the main dish. I was surprised to see how much it simmered down. When I was serving the lentils I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough food for two, but HOLY COW was it filling and really packed with protein (31 grams to be exact, according to the website). Ooh and general HelloFresh tip: make sure you check the amount you’re supposed to put in, especially if you’re making the recipe for two. I was seconds away from using way to much coconut milk and flour today, so it’s always worth a second look!

Next was frying up the onions. I don’t know what I did wrong, but I got a lot that were very burnt on the bottom of the pan and some that were not cooked at all. Something to work on in the future! Thankfully that was the last separate component that had to be cooked on the stove (this was a pan heavy one, folks).


You can see the toasted flatbread (easiest part of the whole dish, but added a lot to it) in this shot. The flatbread was popped into the oven once the squash was finally done cooking. The last step was assembling the dish by spooning in the lentil and popping the squash, onions, and pumpkin seeds on top. Technically you weren’t supposed to put extra coriander on it,  but it looked pretty!

Here’s a photo of the final product:


So my final verdict:

True to Cooking Time Stated: 3.5/5 It took a pretty long time for the lentils to cook all the way through *no gross raw lentils for me* and the squash also took longer than it was supposed to, both on the chopping end and the roasting end.

Easiness: 3.5/5 A decent amount of chopping, lots of pans involved, and honestly the onion frying was a little stressful (I got splattered with some hot oil… ouch)

Taste: 4/5  According to the friend I invited over, it was the best meal I’ve made yet. I don’t know if I loved it quite that much, but it was pretty delicious. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone of foods that I like, which is kinda the point of this exercise. Curry is not something I’d usually buy, but maybe I’ll get some more super mild curry soon.

The full recipe from the HelloFresh website if you want to try!

Also if you feel inspired to try HelloFresh, here’s a code for £25 off your first order (cool, right!)