HelloFresh Vegetarian Mexican Beanie Tostada!

Hey everyone! For my first official review here on my blog, I’m going to be talking about the Mexican Beanie Tostada from HelloFresh! It was pretty yummy (even though it had a strikinggggg resemblance to the Black Bean Chili in the box last week). One major bummer was that they had forgotten to put the cucumber in the box when it was packed, and since I can’t eat bell peppers, it was a little sparse. Here is an in progress photo of the chopping:


One tool that I will certainly is a proper garlic press. My attempts to grate the garlic with a cheese grater have totally failed and I have spent so. much. time. hand chopping garlic cloves over the past two weeks (and have a permanent garlic smell on my hands). Another MAJOR TIP!!!! that I found online is to stick the shallot (or any onion) in the freezer for a bit before chopping it up. If you’re someone who gets super teary around onions, this is a life saver.


As you can see, there was a lot of tomato juice involved, but it eventually simmered into something that wasn’t as runny as I was worried it was going to be. I have never really had coriander before and actually really enjoyed it! I know some people have the “cilantro tastes like soap” gene, so it’s a great substitute for that crowd in the guacamole. I also don’t love the HelloFresh cheese (I find it too soft to properly grate), but that is easily substituted with some other store bought cheddar.

Here’s a photo of the final product:

Completed Tostada


So my final verdict:

True to Cooking Time Stated: 4/5 (I had a friend help with some of the avocado mashing and stirring, and it still took 5 minutes longer than suggested)

Easiness: 4/5 No particularly tough cooking techniques here, and even though there is a decent amount of chopping, it’s not difficult (and would be even easier with a garlic press!!!)

Taste: 3.5/5  It was pretty good! My favorite part was the tostada itself- reminded me of the tortilla chips I’ve been missing from across the pond. Maybe it was the missing ingredients, but it was a bit too tomato-ey for me and not beanie/cheesy enough.

The full recipe from the HelloFresh website if you want to try!

Also if you feel inspired to try HelloFresh, here’s a code for £25 off your first order (cool, right!)